Valentine’s Day Inspiration: Rose Colours & Their Meanings

From budding romances to life-long loves, gifting roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic that always goes down well. Roses have been adored for centuries for their beauty and scent, and have long been a symbol of love, romance and friendship.

Join bloom’d on a journey down the different rose colours and what they traditionally mean, to help you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers to send this year.

Red Roses

A feature of everything from Beauty & the Beast to American Beauty (and of course, The Bachelor), red roses symbolise timeless love, romance, beauty and passion. From a single red rose through to a beautiful bouquet, and even rose petals scattered around a room, nothing says “I love you” like the deep red hue.

Did you know that a red rose without thorns also stands for love at first sight? The perfect gesture for that new person in your life! 

red roses

White Roses

The colour white has always represented purity, and white roses are no different. They’re also connected to youthfulness, hope, loyalty and young love. That’s why you often see white roses chosen for weddings. As well as being beautiful, white roses have some historical significance. In Germany, a non-violent group that opposed Hitler was named die Weiße Rose (the white rose), and the symbol was meant for youth and pure intentions. 

We love an elegant bouquet of white roses mixed with other colours.

white roses

Yellow Roses

The sunny shade of yellow roses is a widely-accepted symbol for friendship. Traditionally used as a way to bring joy and cheer for a friend that was feeling down, today we often see friends gifting yellow roses to one another on Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) to represent their everlasting friendship.

Interestingly, centuries ago, yellow roses were viewed as a sign of jealousy! It’s awesome to see how dramatically this meaning has changed over the years. Nowadays, we even see people in relationships gifting their other half a mixture of red and yellow roses, to say “I love you but you’re also my best friend”.

yellow roses

Pink Roses

A stunning feminine flower, pink roses are ones that burst with elegance and sweetness. Perfect for everything from Valentine’s Day to wedding days, pink roses are a little more gentle than the traditional red rose, and are seen as a token of appreciation for a person.

Select from a pastel pink to a hot pink hue for a bouquet your giftee will love!

pink roses

Orange Roses

Does your loved one tend to stray away from the traditional? An orange rose is a vibrant, fiery flower that represents passion and excitement. Sure to instantly boost the mood of anyone that receives them, orange roses may not have the deep history that other shades do, but are a great way to tell someone you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level!

orange roses

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