Tips to Keep Your Summer Blooms Beautiful
The best flowers for an Aussie summer.

Spring might have a reputation for its blooms, but we can’t forget the flowers that add a splash of colour to the home during summer. This season, bright bold flowers really come into their own. They’ve built up a resistance to harsh temperatures and droughts, and they keep their vibrancy for longer.

We’re obsessed with our summer blooms and the flowers that thrive this time of year. Here are some of the flowers that flourish below the Aussie sun, and tips to make them last even longer.

Flowers that tolerate the heat well
With a beautiful yellow hue that’s guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day, sunflowers love the sun. So much, in fact, that they turn their face towards the sun to ensure they get the levels of sunlight they need to grow.
pink lilies
Most lily varieties grow well indoors, but they prefer to be placed near a sunny window that’s filtered in some way - such as with blinds - to avoid sunburn. Scented pink lilies are the perfect way to let in summer, adding a touch of pink and perfume to your home.
pink disbud
Disbuds (or disbud Chrysanthemums) get their name through the “dis-budding” process, which leaves them with one bloom per stem. Fresh disbuds can last as long as two weeks even in summer, and we love the creativity these candy pink disbuds offer. Stunning as a bouquet on their own or when individual stems are selected for a mixed bouquet!
white orchid
Orchids are pretty tough flowers. They can thrive in low to medium light, as well as near the artificial light of a desk lamp. They naturally appear from late spring through to early summer, and enjoy the warm conditions of an Australian home this time of year.
mixed roses vase
Certain varieties of roses bloom all year long, and the selection of soft shades make them perfect for summer. They prefer a sunny corner or window area and want to be watered daily or every other day to stop them from drying out in the heat.
We recommend an eye-catching mixed rose vase to mark any summer occasion.
tropical bouquet
Tropical flowers
We’re lucky here in Australia to have access to so many vibrant, fragrant and stunning tropical flowers that do well in the heat. Some that grow well outdoors in even the warmest climates include the beehive ginger, costus, heliconia (lobster claws) and Frangipani.
 At bloom’d, we handpick tropical flowers to create seasonal tropical bouquets unique to Australia. 
Tips to make your summer blooms last 
Every flower is different, with its own needs and preferences when it comes to blooming beautifully. Your florist can offer guidance on making your bouquets last longer, but here are some general guidelines for looking after summer blooms:
  • Keep them as cool as possible, but away from drafts
  • Change their water every second day
  • Cut the stems by 2-3cm on an angle every second day
  • Use the flower food provided
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight (though some flowers prefer indirect sunlight)
  • Remove any wilted flowers
Order your summer bouquet today
Whether you want to brighten up your own home or that of a loved one, summer blooms are the way to do it. Opt for flowers that tolerate heat well for vibrancy that lasts. Place your order online from our collection of summer blooms, or call us on 03 9480 4358 for enquiries and custom orders.