The bloom’d Guide to Christmas Flowers

The scent of gingerbread, manic gift shopping, festive films and Mariah Carey. The hallmarks of Christmas are all around us, but have you been paying attention to the flowers that perfectly mark this time of year?

Christmas flowers make the perfect gift for a loved one or add a fresh, whimsical touch to the festive decorations around your home. Get into the holiday spirit with these beautiful blooms, in the bright, warm shades we associate with the holidays.



The classic Christmas bloom, the poinsettia embodies just about everything about Christmas! With its pointed star shape and bright red leaves, it’s no wonder we’re seeing the official Christmas flower everywhere at the moment - from vibrant bunches to homemade wreaths.

Poinsettias got their reputation as a festive bloom thanks to an old Mexican legend. As it goes, a young girl picked weeds to give as a gift to baby Jesus and when she placed them at the bottom of the nativity scene, they bloomed into the bright red flowers we admire today.

Today, poinsettias make a stunning feature all on their own. If you feel like getting creative, weave them into a garland and wrap around staircases, or add them to your Christmas tree for a classic look. They also make a great centerpiece on the dining room table.

Christmas Lilies

Christmas Lillies

In Australia, amaryllis are the brightly-coloured flowers that naturally bloom just in time for Christmas, which is how they’ve earned the nickname Christmas lilies. Their vibrant hue and trumpet shape make them a perfect addition to larger bouquets as well as a centrepiece at the Christmas dinner table.

A rose and lily bouquet perfectly balances the freshness of lilies with the warm red tone of roses.

Spruce (Foliage)

Christmas foliage offers heaps of opportunities to get crafty over the festive season. Lush greenery creates a natural, classic look to our homes and, when combined with berries, lilies and even fairy lights, you could make a statement the whole family loves.

Fresh foliage looks good as wreaths, garlands and other decorations and, with the proper care, will look vibrant throughout the entire Christmas period. Adorn your space with delicate green touches, or go all out with one big impressive decoration.


There will always be a space in our Christmassy hearts for holly, the iconic festive flower with bright red berries and dark green leaves. Did you know that holly first gained its connection to Christmas because the sharp leaves were said in Christianity to represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus, and the red colour represented his blood?

We’ve been “decorating the halls with boughs of holly” for centuries. Today, we love the traditional feel this flower brings to our Christmas wreaths, garlands and staircases.

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We hope your festive period is filled with beautiful blooms as well as sparkling Christmas trees - and maybe even some mistletoe! At bloom’d, we craft bouquets with passion and creativity. We’ve truly learned the art of making someone smile and at Christmas, that couldn’t be more true.

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